Sep 7, 2012

Hey POTSgrrl fans...

I will continue my POTSgrrl blog, but I am moving the majority of my POTS education and advocacy efforts to Dysautonomia International, a new non-profit I founded with some other patients and physicians to raise money for autono
mic research, physician education and increasing public awareness. Our Facebook page is up and our website will be up any day now. 

"Like" us on Facebook to get updates on the latest dysautonomia news and research:

Stay tuned for our website launch in the next few days.  If you like POTSgrrl, you are gonna LOVE the Dysautonomia International website.  The website will have accurate medical information, tools patients can use, resources for physicians and researchers, and unlike my POTSgrrl blog which has been text only, the website will actually have graphics.  Woohoo, fancy...  :)

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