The links below are online businesses owned by some of my POTS friends.  Many of them cannot work, so this is an important source of income for them.  And some of them donate a portion of the proceeds for their sales to POTS related non-profits.  I do not have any financial ties to any of them - except the last two links, as I explain below.

Amy Krakower, Esq. is a Southern California attorney who specializes in patient advocacy, disability rights, and Social Security.

Foxie Tees - funny POTS related t-shirts and coffee mugs from the very talented artist and POTS warrior, Kristen Diefenbach.  You can order her famous "Drop It Like It POTS" mugs and t-shirts here.

Shoot Like A Girl Photography - Live concert, nature, portrait and landscape photography by Brooklyn writer and photographer Lauren Jonik.  Lauren also sell's greeting cards made from her photographs. sells art and paintings by multi-talented Shae Christine Elaine Leighland-Pence .  Shae has a second website that offers her poetry books, art photography, real estate staging photography, and web design.

Arsenault Freelance, owned by Denise Hopkins-Arsenault, provides handmade Christmas ornaments, personal shopping services, gift wrapping services, and custom greeting and holiday cards.

CoppeliasView - Coppelia Tarantal's photography from her journeys to Africa and Bali to promote HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention.  Her photos of the tribal people she worked with in Africa and their surrounding environment are stunning.

Some of my own landscape, wildlife and plant photography is for sale on ArtistRising.

Hampton Beach Plum Company  - this one actually is my website.  My husband and I started a wild beach plum orchard in our backyard when I first got sick with POTS.  Beach plums are delicious and they are native to the white sand beaches of Long Island and Cape Cod.  We currently sell wild beach plum plants, which can be grown anywhere between Virginia and Maine - and in inland areas as well.  They don't need sand to grow, and they actually do better in good soil.  Right now we have 1st and 2nd year seedlings.  They will produce fruit in a few years and can get as large as 20 ft tall shrubs, depending on how you prune them.  In the fall, I sell small quantities of fresh picked beach plums.  And after the fall harvest, I sell homemade beach plum jam.  Everything we grow is organic and grown with love.