Apr 1, 2012

Photos of POTSies Needed

Do you have a great photo of a POTS patient trying to live their life to the fullest while battling symptoms with all of their might?  If so, please e-mail them to me at potsgrrl@gmail.com.  I am looking for photos of POTS and other dysautonomia patients to put on a website for a new dysautonomia related non-profit.

We want fun photos of POTS patients smiling, being supported by friends and family, getting married, going to the prom all dressed up in their wheelchair, hanging out at the beach or in a pretty field, playing sports, etc.

We also want photos of POTSies in medical settings - smiling and "staying strong" despite the adversity they are facing.  Do you have a photo of yourself hooked up to a hundred tubes and wires in the hospital, that you still happen to look cute in?  Do you have a photo of a POTSies going all out on the rowing machine at Physical Therapy?  Have you gotten all glammed up with make up and jewelry just to leave the house get your IV infusions?  What does "staying strong" with POTS look like to you?

Send your best POTS pics to potsgrrl@gmail.com

We will let you know the website address when the site is ready so you can show your friends.  If your photo(s) are chosen, we will contact you before we post them to the website.


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  1. This is such a reat idea!! Will look to see what I have. My hopsital pictures are pretty yucky, but I will see what else I have. This is great!! Thank you!!