Jan 1, 2012

Here's something simple all of us can do to help raise awareness about POTS.

Jodi Epstein Rhum, the mother of two children with POTS and a passionate and well informed POTS advocate, has written a book - POTS-Together We Stand, Riding the Waves of Dysautonomia.

Ask your local public library to purchase this book.  Many public libraries will keep a list of books that local people ask for, and when money becomes available, they will purchase the book and put it on the shelf near the checkout desk with the other new books for everyone in the library to see.

Then you can take out the book for free to read it, and take it out again for your friends to read, and take it out again for your doctor to read. If all of us ask our local library to do that, and all of us have a public library that probably serves a few thousand people - that's a lot of people who will have better access to information about POTS!

Or you can purchase this book and when you are done reading it, donate it to your local library.  It will always be there if you want to read it again or share it with someone else.

Here's a link to purchase the book on Amazon:http://www.amazon.com/POTS-Together-Stand-Riding-Dysautonomia/dp/1466371501/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1320671356&sr=1-1

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